Lou Emery is a pop-rock singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. As an artist, she blends the energy of live band arrangements with modern pop production to tell catchy, yet meaningful, stories. She's an anthem writer, where each track is its own hit driven by powerful vocals, upbeat pop-fusion production, and punchy lyrics and melodies. Refusing to be boxed within one genre, her music models the stylistic range of artists like Harry Styles to keep fans captivated from track to track. No two songs sound quite the same, each living in its own space on the spectrum between pop and rock. She can be compared to modern female powerhouses like Haley Williams, WILLOW, and Olivia Rodrigo. 

Lou's early musical background was a diverse mix of classical, contemporary, and theatre, as she bounced around from pop performance, to classical flute, to musical theatre and acting, and finally to contemporary songwriting. The thing that never changed was her desire to be the center of attention up on stage. Paving her way as an artist in a family of engineers, she went on to study music and songwriting at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, where she was pushed to develop all areas of her artistry. Surrounded by a community of talented peers and faculty, she collaborated with a range of musicians and studied under notable faculty, like Steve Rucker of the Bee Gees and Emmy- and Grammy-award-winning composer Carlos Rivera. She’s most known for her vibrant live performances, where her contagious energy and charisma are impossible to ignore. She continues to present her music in local gigs around LA, while past venues include the Arsht Center for the Arts (FL), Writer's Block at Hotel Café (CA), and Rockwood Music Hall (NY). In March 2021, she played with John Splithoff at the University of Miami's Frost Fest. 

Lou released her debut single, “September,” in 2019, but her latest single, "Roots" released in May 2023. She has over 50,000 streams on Spotify and has since been featured on Voyage MIA, POPMUZIK, ZoneNights, Global Money World, Pop Passion Blog, and RGM. She is currently working on a debut EP to release in 2024, with its fourth single "Fools" coming out November 17. Check out her music using the button below, and contact her at for more information.