"Cover but the roots begin to show, 

                                            Cover it but I already know..."

roots - Single





ARTIST: Lou Emery

PRODUCER: Alex Arnaout


GENRE: Rock, Pop-Punk

PHOTO: Emmanuel Akkinitire



"Roots" is the third single off of Lou Emery's upcoming debut EP. Exposing her edgier side, this rock tune is an explosion of attitude, driven by catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. After years of emotional oppression in a toxic relationship, it may be time to shut off romance completely...

The song began with the single-note guitar riff played throughout the verses, which Lou wrote one day while fiddling on her guitar in her room. The rest of the song spilled out from that line, with the melody playing off of that riff. While the guitars are big drivers of the accompaniment, the drums are very lively as well, playing off of the vocals to add another layer of attitude to the song. The lyrics switch between sarcasm and raw honesty to describe the feeling of losing yourself to an emotionally manipulative boyfriend. Finally, Lou is standing up for herself to reclaim her confidence; but she's lost her heart-on-her-sleeve emotional depth in the process.

"Roots" is a song that's captivating for both its raw storytelling and energetic rock production. It's relatable and yet stand-out, with catchy melodic layers and powerful vocals. The style can be compared to that of WILLOW and Olivia Rodrigo, solidifying this rising artist as one to watch.